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To: All Instructor(s) and Students
  • One of the leading training exercises for competition training is “Poomse”(Form) practice. Many champions have quoted that Form training is one of the best-kept secrets for TaeKwonDo success. Forms prepare you by perfecting your techniques with the needed balance, speed, power and focus essential in sparring competition. The beauty of Form training is that it reinforces the awareness of ones inner self-while at the same time increases the mindfulness of ones body mechanics. As you better understand your Form and display your techniques with efficiency, you will then have a more superior edge over any opponent. Also, each sparring match tests the fighting skills already found in Poomse practice. When you practice your Form you are developing as well as perfecting your footwork, balance, head and shoulder movement, waist turn, blocking and combinations of techniques as you evade your opponents. Poomse practice should be practiced daily if you truly want to be a champion.

  • Another best-kept secret to Tae Kwon Do success is conditioning. From conditioning you develop confidence, strength, power, endurance and balance. All which are essential to becoming a champion. A good cardiovascular workout helps give you the ability to outlast your sparring opponent. Also, conditioning can be used to ware your down your opponent as you administer precise techniques that score while your opponent tires himself/herself out delivering wasted kicking and punching motions. Finally, it is much easier to think more clearly when you are physically fit.

  • When preparing for a tournament, you should practice at least (10) ten times longer than the time designated for a sparring round. If you are scheduled to spar (3) three rounds at 1 minute per round, you should then condition yourself to last at least (30) thirty rounds or (30) thirty minutes. Remember that conditioning exercises are crucial if you want to become a champion.

  • Finally, Iíve spoken of discipline as important attribute in every day life. Athletes especially need to discipline themselves in order to perform to a proper regimented training program and adhere to it. Discipline of this nature shows dedication, commitment and perseverance... important attributes for a champion.